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Family Fun & Relaxation

Why should I heat my pool?

You probably bought your pool for many reasons like family fun, entertaining friends, exercise, and those quiet relaxing moments. You spent a lot of time making the decision to invest in a quality pool, patio furniture, fencing, and landscaping. You expect to get the most use out of your pool. But if your pool is too cold to swim in comfortably, you are not enjoying the full benefit of your investment.

How warm will my pool get with Solar?

Even in Florida, your pool temperature is usually 8-10 degrees colder than it is outside. Plus 90% of pools in Florida have a screen. Screens will lower your pool temperature by 5-10 degrees depending on the direction of the house.

With a properly sized solar system, you can raise your pool temperature 10-15 degrees without any of the monthly costs of gas or higher electric bills. By selecting an auto control, you can control the temperature of your pool to get it just right for you!

Solar pool heating is the best choice for those pool owners seeking the most environmentally friendly heating solution.


Set it and forget it.

How does it works?


Set your desired water temperature and a sensor determines the most efficient run time.

Your pool pump sends cold water from the pool through the solar collectors.

Our polymer solar collectors heat the water as it is channeled through the collector array.

Luxuriously warm, solar heated water flows back into your pool.

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  • The shortest payback period and highest return on investment
  • The longest lifespan, thanks to the components that neither move nor corrode
  • The lowest operational costs due to free solar energy
  • The lowest maintenance costs —minimal, if any
  • The cleanest, safest and quietest source of energy