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It pays for itself
It pays for itself
Solara Hot Water Systems are maintenance-free and long-lasting, so you can reap the rewards and make a positive environmental impact for years to come.

Enjoy hot water and even better savings with Solara Hot Water Systems.

The Smart Choice

Get all of the convenience of traditional water heaters while eliminating traditional costs, emissions, and hassles. Solara’s cutting edge solar-thermal technology gives you immediate savings on your monthly power bill. Federal tax credits and state and utility incentives mean even bigger savings on your investment.

The Quality Choice

Solara products offer a clean, cost-effective way to heat your water. Each system is backed by an unprecedented warranty, giving you peace of mind. Best of all, Solara Hot Water Systems are made in the USA.

Solar Hot Water

Feel Protected

Solara Solar Hot Water Collectors offer the best warranty in the industry. Although most solar hot water collectors are warranted for 10 years, none of them offer an additional lifetime limited warranty – EXCEPT SOLARA! You will feel good knowing that your system is covered for years to come.

Get all of the convenience of traditional water heaters while eliminating traditional costs, emissions, and hassles.

Money Matters

Our Solara Systems basically pay for themselves within 5 years of ownership. According to Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), a solar water heater should save between 50% and 85% of the hot water portion of the monthly utility bill, or $200 to $300 per year for a family of four, if the backup element is kept at 122° F. Solara Systems are also eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit. Your utility company, state, or local government may also provide rebates on your solar water heating purchase.

Looks Count

Solara Hot Water Systems have been designed with your roof in mind. With the different panel sizes available, your energy consultant will be able to maximize production and minimize the use of roof space. Make your neighbors jealous with Solara’s sleek design.

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Fantastic Features

  • Smaller Power Bills    Solara Systems reduce water-heating costs by 75-90%.
  • Pays for itself    Return on investment can occur in less than 5 years.
  • Tax Credits    Thousands of dollars may be deducted from your tax return.
  • Top of the line product    Solara uses only the highest rated collectors in the industry.
  • Fully Automated    Pump and controller are automatically activated by the sun.
  • Constant Heating    Back-up heating element means you always have hot water, even during extended cloudy periods.
  • Quality Guaranteed    Our Lifetime Limited Warranty is the best in the industry.
  • Great Design    Multiple panel sizes and colors integrate nicely with your roof.
  • Green Smart    Solara harnesses the most powerful, clean, and free-energy source available.

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