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Solar Electric Power

What is Solar Electric?

Solar Electric power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic panels (PV).

Can I afford it?

YES! Solar costs have come way down and it is more affordable than ever! With easy financing available and tax credits it’s easier than ever.

Why should I use Solar Electric?

Many people across the country are jumping on solar electric as the main source of electricity for their home. Why? Besides the obvious, free power from the sun, Federal tax credits and utility incentives, it is important to understand what the buzz is all about: THE FUTURE!

Customers who have made the switch understand that it is the future. Solar is a clean, safe and renewable resource that will play a vital role in powering our future. You do not rent your home, so why throw away your money by renting your electric WHEN YOU CAN OWN IT?

Protect yourself from unpredictable rate hikes. Sunologi lets you secure lower, predictable solar energy rates that are guaranteed for years to come.


Lots of clean Power

Move to a cleaner, renewable energy today.

Q.CELLS Photovoltaic Panels

With up to 280 Wp, the new Q.PEAK-G3 is the champion of monocrystalline solar modules. The third module generation from Q CELLS has been optimised across the board: improved output yield, higher operating reliability and durability, quicker installation and more intelligent design − Made in Europe.


QPEAK G3 1 000

  • Innovative All-Weather Technology
  • Profit-Increasing Glass Technology
  • Enduring High Performance
  • Light Quality Frame
  • Safe Electronics
  • Maximum Cost Reductions
  • Extended Warranties


SolarWorld's Photovoltaic Panels

SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus monocrystalline solar panels are available in both silver or black formats. These modules meet our stringent SolarWorld quality standards, exceeding all industry standards and certifications. Don’t just take our word for it, we have third party validation of our performance and reliability.


sunmodule solar panels silver black

  • 10-year product workmanship warranty
  • 25-year linear performance guarantee
  • At least 97% of nominal power in the first year
  • Guaranteed maximum performance reduction of only 0.7% per year
  • Guaranteed performance of 90% after 11 years


Saving with Solar

It's a 'No-Brainer' to go Solar today!

  • 30%
    Personal Tax Credit
  • 60%
    System Cost Reduced Since 2011
  • $1,000
    Average Savings Per Year