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Hybrid Water Heaters

Save without sacrifice.

A compressor and evaporator are integrated into the unit to draw in ambient heat from surrounding air using two variable speed fans. Coils wrap the tank all the way to the bottom to transfer this heat into the tank and heat the water.

This innovative process creates the same amount of hot water as a traditional water heater, but can reduce household water heater expenses up to 71%. And that could have a dramatic impact on monthly utility bills!


Innovative design.



  • Dual 4500 watt Copper sheathed “backup” heating elements.
  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR® standards with up to 3.06 energy factor in Hybrid mode.
  • “Environmentally-Friendly” Non-CFC foam insulation.
  • Glass-lined tank with CoreGardTM anode rod protects against corrosion.
  • Advanced electronic control system provides large LCD display for ease of use, precise temperature control and operational status.


Cut water heater energy costs by more than half!

hybrid wh graph