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Attic too hot?
Attic too hot?
If you’re looking to cut your energy bill, increase the value of your home, and explore environmentally-friendly building products, Solara Shield is the solution for you.

Lower Energy Costs with Solara Shield

Solara Shield Barrier System

Solara Shield is a highly reflective barrier insulation, installed just under the roof in your attic or crawl space, that reflects heat back to the heat source.

Without Solara Shield, when the heat from the sun hits your roof, it radiates through your attic, passes through the traditional insulation installed on your attic floor, through the ceiling, and enters your home, raising the indoor temperature.

With Solara Shield, the heat is reflected back toward the sun before it has a chance to move through the attic, significantly reducing the amount of heat that travels through the ceiling into your home. End result? Your home stays cooler in the warmer months!


• Reflects 95-97% of radiant heat.
• Reduces heat transfer from attic to living spaces by up to 50%.
• Reduces cooling bills up to 17%.
• Requires no maintenance.
• Immediate return on investment with savings on energy costs for the life of your home or building.
• Energy Star Label.
• Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.
• Doesn’t support the growth of fungus, mold or mildew.
• Doesn’t provide nesting material for rodents or insects.

Radiant Barrier Insulation is a reflective insulation system that offers a permanent way to reduce energy costs by reflecting radiant heat energy instead of trying to absorb it. A pure aluminium film reflective insulation is unaffected by humidity and will continue to perform at a consistent level no matter how humid it may be. Solara Shield System is a layer of metalized film facing an airspace and is installed in the house's attic.

Most people are familiar with traditional insulating materials such as fiberglass, cellulose, Styrofoam, and rock wool. These products use their ability to absorb or resist (slow down) convective and conductive heat transfer to insulate (R-value). A third, seldom discussed but dominant form of heat transfer exists: radiant heat transfer.

Radiant Barrier is unlike mass insulation which only slows down or resists heat transfer: Solara Shield reflects heat. Heat always goes cold by natural law—the problem is how to keep the heat in in the winter and how to keep it out in the summer. RADIATION is the movement of heat rays across air spaces from one warm object to a cooler object.

The heat we feel from a wood stove or a quartz space heater is radiant heat. All objects and bodies give off radiant heat. Even the insulation in your attic gives off radiant heat to the cold attic space in the winter, and to the living space in the summer. Regular insulation won’t stop radiant heat loss. Radiant heat must be REFLECTED with a radiant barrier.

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