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Introducing Smart Frog

All In One Technology

The Smart Frog AC is an All-in-One, high efficiency HVAC system housed in durable, weatherproof ABS plastic. Built-in standby generation, smart grid controls, and an on-board inverter allowing you to simply plug in solar panels to generate your own electricity. The microgrid systems allows the Smart Frog AC to function on-grid for typical power consumption, blended grid for solar users, and off-grid in emergency power failure and demand response emergency situations.

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The first ever Ultra High Efficient, Power Generating HVAC System for Residential and Light Commercial use.

Smart Frog is loaded with high-efficiency components like its revolutionary, built-in, standby generator - ensuring your unit will provide total security and comfort for your family time and time again.


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Fantastic Features

  • 7kW Back Up Generator    Micro Power Generation with Propane or Natural Gas.
  • Blending Module    for NG and Solar.
  • Uses up to 40% less Fuel    than competitor's generators NG/LPG.
  • Up to 80% less Fuel    with Blending Module.
  • Plug & Play    Solar Inverter.
  • Durable    Weatherproof ABS Housing.
  • Smart    Grid Controller.
  • AC to DC    High Torque Variable Compressor Drive.
  • Compatible    with Nest, Honeywell and other Smart Thermostats.
  • Enabled    for Utility Provider Demand Response/Load Shedding and Generation for Customer Incentives.

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