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IntelliBond HVAC Additive

Like New

IntelliBond permanently restores A/C to “like new” condition increasing system performance

Save Energy

Drastically reduces Kwh energy consumption providing substantial energy savings

No Fouling

Removes oil fouling and prevents future fouling from clogging the unit

Industry Approved

Meets ASTM and ASHREA standards and will not affect manufacturer’s warranty

IntelliBond has been thoroughly endorsed, tested and proven to be the only product of its kind. Whether you own a home or business this energy saving product is an absolute must and a tribute to American engineering.

How IntelliBond Works

IntelliBond produces maximum protection under maximum load. This means that when you first start the system up or the temperature is at its hottest, IntelliBond works the strongest. This is most evident in peak power tests and also helps in steady state power reduction.

Molecular Agent

IntelliBond contains several anti-wear and anti-oxidation systems. The first system is temperature triggered when needed and staiys in solution. The second system is metal seeking and bonds to all internal metal surfaces.

The improvement seen in steady state power consumption is due to the metal seeking part of IntelliBond's formulation. This part can remove the oil film that can form from impurities in the vapor inside the condenser. IntelliBond will penetrate and dislodge this oil from the tube surfaces and then the refrigerant will absorb and return this oil to the compressor pump. This returns the heat exchange ability to "like new condition".

IntelliBond Refrigeration Oil Supplement is a one-time application and contains no solids. HVAC systems are treated by adding 10% IntelliBond by volume to your compressors refrigerant oil. The additives cannot settle out, or be filtered out. They are chemically bonded to the naphthenic oil base molecules and compatible with any hermetically or semi-hermetically sealed system regardless of tonnage size and compatible with both new and old type refrigerants.

It is extremely important to note that IntelliBond does not include elements of the halogen group - such as chlorine, fluorine, sulfur, and phosphorous - that form highly corrosive acids like other competitors products. IntelliBond does not contain PTFE (Teflon) or any other particulates like powdered metal or plastics.


• Reduces noise, vibration, enhances heat transfer, reduces oxidation, reduces maintenance, keeps valves from sticking and improves suction and discharge of the compressor.

• Makes A/C units blow colder air and increases removal of latent heat (moisture in the air) making HVAC systems have less run time which reduces your electric bill.

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