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Energy Independence for Everyone


The first major industry innovation in over 120 years, Sun Bandit® represents a paradigm shift in the way solar energy is captured, stored, and used to heat water.  Sun Bandit® makes it possible for more people in more places to enjoy the benefits of a practical on-site energy storage solution.



Simple. Clean. Dependable.



  • Saves Up to 30% or More on Energy Costs
  • Delivers Up to 100% of Annual Hot Water Needs
  • No Net-Meter or Utility Connection Needed
  • Ideal for Grid-Tie and Off-Grid Locations
  • Easy Installation, Operation and Maintenance
  • ICC-SRCC Certified

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  • Use As A Stand-Alone or Pre-heat System
  • Electric, Natural Gas or Propane Backup
  • Qualifies for LEED Points
  • Eligible for 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • 6 Year Warranty, 10 Year Available
  • C/UL/US Listed
  • Made in U.S.A.

Sun Bandit® Changes Everything About Solar Water Heating

Sun Bandit® eliminates fluids, leaks, pump stations, overheating, stagnation, freezing, engineering, complicated installations and maintenance associated with traditional mechanical systems making it easy to choose, install and enjoy.


How it works.

Sun Bandit® uses solar PV panels and micro-grid technology to heat water during
the day and stores it for future use in the home.

1.  Solar PV Panels
> Captures and converts sunlight into DC electricity.

2.  Sun Bandit® AC Micro-inverters
> Converts DC electricity to AC electricity.
> No net-meter or utility connection needed.

3.  Fused AC Disconnect
> Turns off the Sun Bandit® circuit.

4.  Sun Bandit® Monitor
> Displays solar input when system is operating.

5.  Sun Bandit® AC Micro-Grid Thermostats
> Adjusts the set point temperature of Micro Grid Elements.
> Recommend setting VERY HOT (160° F).

6.  Grid Tied Electric Element/Gas Control
> Adjusts the minimum tank temperature.
> Recommend setting as low as possible to maintain baseline water supply.

7.  Mix Valve
> Adjusts the temperature of water to fixtures.

8.  Grid Disconnect
> Turns off grid power to the water heater.

9.  Sun Bandit® Solar Hybrid Water Heater
> Installs like a standard water heater and stores solar energy as hot water for future use.

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No Net-Meter Required

Solar PV panels and Sun Bandit® micro-grid technology operate independent of the grid to provide primary heating with electric, natural gas or propane serving as backup allowing it to work off-grid and during power outages.